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Inviting Authenticity Self Responsibility Getting Below the Mask Self – May 2014

LisaLisa Loustaunau MFA, CCEP has been practicing Core Energetics body psychotherapy for over 20 years and is the Academic Director at the Institute of Core Energetics in NY. Following her training she served as an assistant to the late Dr. John Pierrakos MD, founder of Core Energetics. Lisa is highly regarded an as international workshop leader, process facilitator, teacher and supervisor of Core Energetics practitioners in the US, Canada, Holland, Australia, Brazil and Mexico. Her private practice is in Norwalk, CT.

We have all developed masks as adaptations to the unmet needs of our early development. These include Idealized images of who and how we think we are supposed to be, as well as the strategies we use as attempts to gain love, approval, specialness or control in life. Operating from the mask never produces the outcome desired because it is not fully authentic. The mask distorts the innate gifts and qualities of the individual, energy does not flow and separation from self and others persists.

One of our primary therapeutic tasks is to support authenticity in our clients. In this webinar we will:

  • Identify 3 basic masks and how they present in session – energetically and in the body of the client.
  • Recognize and help the client see the innate higher-self qualities at their Core – which the mask distorts, but also clearly points to.
  • Explore interventions that facilitate penetrating the mask to free creative energy which makes new choices possible.