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Dr. Andrew Hahn – Oct 2015

Suffering as Discomfort: An Invitation to Re-Membering, to Heal and Grow!

AHahn_400x400Dr. Andrew Hahn: The basic premise of Life Centered Therapy is that all of our symptoms and the suffering associated with them are an invitation to become aware of and integrate the life experiences we have as yet been unable to handle!

When we are able to re-member these experiences and come into a balanced relationship with them, either our symptoms go away or any associated suffering goes away!

Participants will learn:

  • How to deepen the work by realizing that everything that happens in a session is part of the process including everything the client literally says and does!
  • How every discomfort is a story that has not been handled. How to help any client discover the body sensation associated with a story that has not been handled!
  • How to help clients move into the role of witness so that they realize that they are having a problem and they are not the problem.
  • How to access our deepest intuitive knowing through the body – Kinesiology
  • To differentiate two different kinds of trauma – life versus soul trauma (soul trauma refers to core fears built into our structure. Personality becomes a way to protect ourself from core fears) – how fundamentally important this distinction is.
  • How to distinguish problems that are the remembering of problems versus problems that are the remembering of solutions to problems.
  • How to realize that ultimately there are no such things as problems or resistance, just information and remembering.