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Healing the Body/Psyche/Soul Split through Conscious Embodiment – Feb 2015

Tina StromstedTina Stromsted, Ph.D., MFT, LPCC is a Jungian psychoanalyst, Board Certified Dance therapist, and Somatic psychotherapist and owner of Soul’s Body Center®.

The Body/Psyche/Soul split results from early wounding experiences and other traumatizing events too unbearable to endure. Later trauma may fracture a previous sense of well-being and trust. As emotions pile up in the body and energy cannot move freely, one may experience acute vulnerability. Somatized defenses can result, such as psychosomatic disorders.

Conscious embodiment is essential for healing the body/psyche/soul split. Learning to access and work with sensations, emotions, and images from dreams and other creative avenues, such as Jung’s active imagination method, are fundamental to this process. Developing embodied wisdom can restore an inner compass– guiding us to our Soul’s Call. This is the integrative work of Soul’s Body.

In this webinar we will engage the following questions:

  • · What is the Body/Psyche/Soul Split and how does it manifest somatically?
  • · What is conscious embodiment and how do we achieve it?
  • · What role do dreams and imagination play in the healing process?
  • · What is Soul’s Body® work and what integrative healing methods does it involve?
  • · How do we apply these methods in clinical practice (demonstrated through case examples)?
  • · What are some of the important elements to include in training Body Psychotherapists?