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The Neurobiology of Shame: Melt the Shame Freeze – Feb 2015

How to use attachment dynamics to melt the shame freeze – Feb 2015

Caryn Scotto d'LuziaCaryn Scotto d’ Luzia is founder of The SOAR Method, a somatic-oriented, autonomic nervous system repair approach that successfully offers chronic shame relief, accumulated stress release, trauma resolution, early attachment re-patterning, relationship repair, greater spiritual wholeness and vibrant embodied living. Steeped in Stephen Porges’ Polyvagal Theory, trained in Peter Levine’s method of trauma resolution, mentored in somatic early attachment re-patterning by Diane Poole Heller, and informed by Daniel Siegel’s work with interpersonal neurobiology, she weave 25 years of mindfulness practice, nondualist eastern philosophy, a keen appreciation of cutting-edge neuroscience, and a deep understanding of repairing the implicit body’s electro-magnetic imprints and neural-motor pathways.

She is the author of numerous somatic therapy-based articles, such as The Yin/Yang of Abandonment Recovery, Why Every Household Cat IS a Therapist’s Best Friend and Guru, Wound & Essence: A Call and Response Approach to Transformation. Her ebooks include The Power of Completed Shame, The 5 Step Journey to Healing Social Phobia, A Holistic & Hopeful Response to Social, Sexual and Emotional Anorexia. She works face to face with people around the world on Skype, and in-person in the California Bay Area and in New York City where she sees adult clients, couples and animal companions. For therapists and coaches she offers phone case consults and teaches professionals how to integrate somatic principles into everyday practice through webinars online and live workshops.

On a wider scale, she collaborates with UN affiliated NGOs and governments to heal collective trauma and post conflict PTSD. She is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, a member of the UN NGO Committee on Mental Health, Chair of the USABP Action Committee to the APA, and has spoken at the United Nations on the issue of resolving second-hand trauma and re-claiming peaceful societies. She believes in healing the planet one nervous system at a time.


Learning Objectives: Prepares therapists and other healing professionals to approach shame holistically by weaving somatic attachment and neurobiological cues, relational field resonance, and mind, body, spirit integration into the healing process.

1. Learn the neurobiology of the shame response and how it can hijack the best of us anywhere, anytime.

2. Understand the root cause of what makes shame toxic and cyclical lasting throughout a person’s life.

3. Identify the elements necessary to help a client re-process shame without shaming the person.

4. Distinguish the unique quality of resonance and presence that best serves clients when they are stuck in a shame cycle.

5. Recognize the somatic and non-somatic cues that can mask shame responses.

6. Discover how working with somatic cues can thwart or greatly assist the client in completing shame cycles.

7. Consider how the simple awareness of the relational field between therapist and client can sometimes support the shame cycle to “give up.”

8. Explore how somatic relational cues allow the healing of shame to move beyond the body and into the mind and spirit.

9. Revise your understanding of the role of shame repair in healing attachment wounds and restoring healthy relationships.

10. Recognize that either shock trauma or relational trauma is sometimes at the basis of chronic shame and what this may mean in your approach to the work.

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