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Kate Holt Business Series May 2015

KateHoltKate Holt : For professionals, who want a thriving, money-making practice that feeds their soul and their bank account, I offer programs and mentoring to help you Master Confidence so you are comfortable leading, Master Your Message so clients who need you can recognize you easily, and Master Your Value so you can get well compensated for the important work you do and enjoy pleasure in all areas of your life.

On the personal side, I mentor people who value personal growth. They’re seekers, like me, who are willing to invest in themselves.

Part 1: Building Your Tribe of Ideal Clients

You Will Learn:

The importance of identifying your ideal client.
An exercise to get clear about yours.
Where to meet them on and off line.
What it takes to lead your tribe.

Part 2: Crafting a Clear Marketing Message that Increases your Credibility

You Will Learn:

How your message supports your credibility.
How narrowing your focus can support you in broadening your reach.
How to describe an overall transformation without making promises
A formula to help you in getting clear.

Part 3: Setting (or Raising) Your Fees with compassion, respect and integrity

You Will Learn:

Examine your beliefs about money and clear what’s no longer serving you.
Learn several tips to manage your fear about addressing the topic of fees.
Learn a unique four-step formula that supports you in raising your fees with confidence.
You’ll discover how to finally get paid what you’re worth, while supporting your clients in the area of money and finances.