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Somatic Psychology: Breath, Body and Boundaries – June 2014

In this Webinar, you will learn the basic concept of the energetic model of

Somatic Psychotherapy: Grounding, Presence, Containment and Boundaries, and how these concepts combine and integrate as a whole in order to use breath and awareness, grounding and presence to expand the body, to dissolve blocks, to allow the flow of energy to flow and connect to the energetic sense of core self in the body.

Dr.  Marjorie L. Rand, PhD 

MarjorieDr. Marjorie L. Rand is a licensed Marriage, Family and Child therapist in three states and has been a practicing psychotherapist for 37 years. She created the first Integrative Body Psychotherapy Institute with Jack Rosenberg and was co-author of Body, Self and Soul; Sustaining Integration-a seminal book on Body Psychotherapy.

She has also taught graduate level psychology and trained professional psychotherapists in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Israel. Dr. Rand specializes in couples counseling, developmental psychology, pre- and peri-natal psychology (pregnancy, birth and bonding) and family therapy. Dr. Rand is the co-author and contributor to five books, many published articles, and is a founding member of the United States Association of Body Psychotherapy, in which she has served as a member of many committees, presently as a member of the editorial board of the IJBP.