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Touch Transforms Lives

Touching and being touched are fundamental means of human interaction. Physical touch is the foundational element of human development. At every stage of our life we need human touch and loving affection for healthy emotional and neurological growth. When touch does not occur in the course of our development the physical, emotional and cognitive ramifications are far reaching and include the kind of failure to thrive and infant mortality found in the orphanages of the 1900s.

To the extent that the absence of touch is deleterious, the presence of touch can be equally as beneficial and even transformative..

Touch is the key that gives us access to the body’s knowings. Our bodies are memory holders. It is in and through our five senses that we live our lives. Our bodies remember and are shaped by the events, feelings, and thoughts that we have experienced. It has been our constant companion and as such carries a record of our lives in its every cell. Touch is a direct doorway to this storehouse of wisdom.

In Transformative Touch we touch with our words ,our hearts and our hands guiding clients to full embodiment and transforming their lives.

In this 2 part webinar we will explore Ways the body carries and expresses our life story:

The physical,emotional and cognitive effects of touch/lack of touch
Touch and its relationship to emotional interpretation and expression.
Touch as a reparative psycho-physical process
The transformative nature of touch in the therapeutic context.

Presented by:

Joe Weldon, Co-founder of the Somatic Therapy Center, is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Master Somatic Therapist with over 30 years of teaching people from around the world to become somatic practitioners. Having given over 50,000 individual sessions, he is a experienced guide in the art of Transformative Touch. Joe has taught at the School of Social Work at the University of Pennsylvania as well as at Villanova University. He is a true believer in the innate wisdom of the whole being and the healing power of humor.

Noel Wight is a Master Somatic Therapist and a Co- Founder of the Somatic Therapy Center who brings over 28 years of experience to her work.Together with her husband, Joe she has presented workshops at Omega Institute, Esalen, as well as at various conferences . She is passionately committed to helping people connect what’s happening in their bodies to what’s happening in their lives allowing them to heal from both physical and emotional pain.” Touch brings you home to your Self” is her guiding mantra. Whether seeing individual clients, presenting workshops or training practitioners of Transformative Touch, Noel provides a clear beacon of light and compassionate presence on the journey to their fullest self.